T1 Triathlon High Performance Team

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The T1Triathlon HP Team is the premier elite age group team for triathletes looking to work towards their International Pro Card

Team Vision

The T1 High Performance Team’s vision is to produce many professional and elite level triathletes from age-group athletes who show talent and drive to be the best.


Team Mission

The T1 High Performance Triathlon Team aims to provide an outlet for elite level age-group triathletes to work towards their pro-card, under the direction of elite-level coach, Kyle Jensen.  Team members receive professional coaching and team sponsorships and endorsements while becoming advocates for the sport of triathlon and T1 Triathlon Coaching.


Team Objective

The team’s mission will be achieved through the T1 Mentorship Program in which team members receive free coaching and benefits of team sponsorships.  In turn, T1 High Performance Team members are advocates of triathlon, fair play, sportsmanship, and the T1 coaching strategy.


T1Triathlon is currently open to High performance athlete applications for the 2018 season

T1Triathlon High Performance Team Member Benefits:

  • Coaching costs are covered by T1Triathlon 
  • Potential Sponsorship opportunities
  • Free coaching at National Championship and World Championship Events
  • Be part of an elite team focused on helping you reach your true high performance potential

Eric dokter (Calgary, AB)

I started in triathlon when I was 19 and was immediately hooked. I enjoyed seeing what the human body could do and pushing the limits really interested me. I didn’t start training for competitive triathlon until I was 23 and I want to continue to push my body to new heights in the hopes of a professional career. 

Years in Triathlon:  4

Hometown: Airdrie, AB

Current Club:  Kronos Triathlon Club

Career Accomplishments:  2016 Canadian Age Group World Championships Team Member, 2016 Alberta Triathlon Association U-40 Male Athlete of the Year, Multiple Top 10 Finishes at Canadian National U26 Draft Legal Series

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Tyler chuang (waterloo, on)

Just like many kids growing up in rural Ontario, I was raised on sports – hockey, baseball, soccer, etc. For 15 years I searched for a sport that I truly enjoyed, and it wasn’t until high school that I found swimming, biking and running in my freshman year. When my cross country coach told me about this ridiculous event called a triathlon, it felt like a calling – incorporating the three sports that I randomly stumbled into seemed like more than a coincidence. That summer I competed in my first triathlon and I was hooked – I wasn’t very good, but I was definitely hooked. Over the years I slowly got better and better; learning a lot and making even more mistakes!


I love the lack of physiological limits and seeing how far I can push my body. The return is directly proportional to what you put in, and that’s what drives me every day. From being an Ironman to a member of Team Canada, had you told that lost 16-year old boy where I would be today, I would have called you absolutely crazy. Years on, I still have that burning passion for triathlon and the drive for development is what keeps me going every day. I can’t wait to see where this crazy journey brings me next.

yume kobayashi (Peace river, ab)

I came to triathlon in a somewhat round-about way. I’ve always been active, spending time outdoors hiking and running. When I was young, we moved around a lot, living in China, Japan, Germany and the U.S. I dabbled in many organized activities (dance, soccer, track and field), but I never had the opportunity to hone my skills in one particular sport. When I started university in Vancouver I joined a master’s swim club and was hooked. I loved the focus and attention to detail that is required in swimming. When we got a new coach the club shifted its focus to accommodate triathletes. I joined a running group and, surrounded by some amazing triathletes I was inspired to try the sport

Between 2011 and 2016 I honed my perspective of the world. I traveled, volunteered, and went to nursing school. I didn’t compete much, but I continued to run and swim with a great master’s swim club in Ontario. Now I work as a registered nurse in a small community hospital in rural Alberta. The past year was my first season racing in multiple triathlons and I loved it! I loved the time spent training and the excitement of racing. I love the physical and mental challenges that motivate me to improve and excel; and I hope I can help provide inspiration to those around me. I enjoy balancing my time as an athlete and as a nurse, both making me engage with my community and both bring great fulfillment.

Years in Triathlon:  5

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Career Accomplishments:  2017 ITU Age Group World Championships 28th

Courtenay smart(Calgary, ab)


Growing up, I dabbled in many different sports, including basketball, soccer, cross country, track and badminton. It wasn’t until after high school that I decided to try my first triathlon. I vividly remember my first race – swimming in a pool, transitioning outside to put on a t-shirt, shorts, socks and running shoes, pedaling 20 km on my mountain bike, and getting a taste of jelly legs as I stumbled through the 5 km run. It was challenging, invigorating and rewarding – I was hooked.

Since then, I have upgraded my equipment and tried longer races. My favorite experience to date has been representing Canada in the 2016 ITU sprint world championships in Cozumel. I love triathlon because there’s a place and distance for everyone. Although I started as a runner, I am excited to continue improving my bike and swim splits this season, with the hopes of becoming even more competitive in my age group.

Years in Triathlon:  8

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Career Accomplishments:  2016 Canadian Age Group World Championships Team Member

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