6 Triathlete Travelling Hacks that Will Make or Break Your Next Trip

For first-time triathlon travellers, the thought of going across country or making a trip to another continent to train or race can be a very intimidating thing. There is so much to consider before making the journey.  From travelling with your bike to figuring out where to train, the potential logistical nightmares may seem like giant mountains.  Take a deep breath and don’t stress!  Here are 6 helpful tips to get you from A to B and back with as little hassle as possible.

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Trail Running in Calgary

Where to run?!!!!


It has been almost 2 months since my last race.  Off season consisted of six weeks of recovery and preparing myself for the new season.  As many triathletes know, having time off from training is kind of the worst.  Sure, lounging around is nice for a couple days but after that the itch to work out starts to creep back.  Way back in the day when I was a young, fresh faced college kid, unaware of just how exhausting adulting is, I competed in x-country running.  With knees that were unaffected by the weather and ankles that didn’t constantly crack I was able to effortlessly run through various terrain, storming up hills and gliding down them. Oh to be young.  

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Don't Start Your Next Season's Training Until You Do These 4 Things!

In the northern hemisphere leaves are starting to fall, in some cases even snow, and the training is moving indoors. Some people are in off-season and enjoying some non-swim/bike/run-related activities , while others are slowly getting back into the groove of training and building that strength and stamina to get us through the rest of the year.

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Quick Tips to Rotterdam

Rotterdam: second largest city in the Netherlands, busiest port in Europe, and home of the ITU Grand Final.  With over 35,000 kilometres of cycling pathways in the country, the Netherlands is a fantastic country for any triathlete to travel to.  Being close to, but not as busy as Amsterdam makes Rotterdam a great city to visit.

I was recently in Rotterdam for the 2017 ITU Age Group World Championships.  Here are 3 Simple Tips I learned while there to make your trip to Rotterdam run just a little bit smoother!

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Dreaming of, Travelling to, Racing in...... Rotterdam!

Rainy Rotterdam. We arrived in rain, we left in rain. Miraculously, the only day that it wasn't raining was race day.

A PNW (Pacific North West) girl at heart, this didn't dampen – excuse the pun – the mood.


This being my first world championship event I wasn't quite prepared for all the people and the set up. It was really a race week, rather than just a race weekend, or day. On arrival in Rotterdam, we saw ITU flags everywhere, and as race day drew closer there were more and more people donning their country flags on various articles of clothing. At the race venue itself, the transition zones and the expo, the energy and excitement was palpable.


Feeling very new to international racing I decided to go in with an open heart and mind, and just soak it all in.

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