Dreaming of, Travelling to, Racing in...... Rotterdam!

Rainy Rotterdam. We arrived in rain, we left in rain. Miraculously, the only day that it wasn't raining was race day.

A PNW (Pacific North West) girl at heart, this didn't dampen – excuse the pun – the mood.


This being my first world championship event I wasn't quite prepared for all the people and the set up. It was really a race week, rather than just a race weekend, or day. On arrival in Rotterdam, we saw ITU flags everywhere, and as race day drew closer there were more and more people donning their country flags on various articles of clothing. At the race venue itself, the transition zones and the expo, the energy and excitement was palpable.


Feeling very new to international racing I decided to go in with an open heart and mind, and just soak it all in.

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A Life Without Limits; A Book Without Excitement

A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington was simply a book without much excitement.  Although intriguing and various points of the book, this journey through Chrissie Wellington's life takes most of the book to get going.  I was initially excited to get to the stories of this 4 time Ironman World Champion's  Kona accounts, but found myself dragging myself slowly through the first half of the book, bored by the stories of continuous career changes and travel logs.

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Canadian National Championships Race Report - Tyler Chuang, T1High Performance Team

This is what my training schedule had looked like leading up to the 2017 Canadian Standard Distance Championships. Visibly vacant and unfulfilled. There’s a lot of incomplete (red). There was no glitch in the system, nor did my Garmin stop working. On May 16th, I felt the first pull of tightness on my IT band during a cross country workout. I made it through the workout and thought nothing of it, keeping up with my regular volume and intensity. This was my second mistake. On May 19th, I was 10 km out on my long run when a sharp pain ran down my leg and caused me to default to a limp/hobble 10 km back to the starting point. I knew my IT band was damaged, but I had no idea how bad it would turn out to be. To make matters worse, when I got back to the starting point, the gym doors were locked, with my car keys inside. I proceeded to run another 4 km home on a bum leg. The next morning I couldn’t bend my leg without excruciating pain and could not walk at all. Clearly this was not good.

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Triathlon - A Spectator Sport?

Since I began to race, I have always been fortunate enough to have the full support of my family and friends. For 99% of my races, I have had a spectator cheering me on, whether it be a cross country race, cycling race or triathlon of any distance from a try-a-tri to full Ironman. As much as I appreciate the support, as a competitor its easy to forget just what a spectator experiences during a given event.

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A Dream Reached

For the first time, I really don’t know where to start this one. I really can’t even begin to describe how I ended up here. My first World Championship experience was a surreal and humbling one. I've had a week to let it sit and sink in. I will apologize now for the probably super long write up (edit: it ended up being super long). As always, the purpose of these is for me to look back years down the road and remember or be re-inspired by these events... Or to cringe at the dated references and linguistics. If anyone can benefit from these, all the better! I've split this race report summary lets call it a diary entry, into two manageable chunks; a prologue outlining my journey to get to worlds and a main article elaborating on race week itself.

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Tyler Chuang
4 Top Tips for Beating the Got-No-Time Game

The world is a very busy place. It seems that as time moves on there are more and more things that keep us occupied.  From  busy jobs to family and social life, it is often difficult to find the time to train for that upcoming race season.

Elite level age groupers are no exception, and often wish they had more time through the day to take care of their careers, families, and preparing for that upcoming World Championship.

We asked our T1Triathlon High Performance Athletes: How do you make time out of your busy schedule for training? 

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ITU Cozumel World Championships: A Day in Hell

I don't even know where to start with this race. Saying it was hot just seems so underwhelming. It was super mega death man hot. There, that's a better explanation. The day started just like any other race - woke up, ate breakfast, shuttled to the race site, set up transition, waited till start. Except for one small detail; the waiting around for the race to start ended up being three hours of waiting in the scorching heat and humidity. Athletes were all piling in under any piece of shade they could find to stay out of the sun until their race start. It still baffles me that we had to wait that long, but with thousands of athletes going off at different times during the day, it was just very unfortunate that I was in one of the last groups to go off. The current was quite aggressive that day and some of the weaker swimmers were actually being pulled from the ocean with a time of over 45 minutes for 750 meters! Just wild. 

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Dream. Travel. Race.

Dream. Travel. Race. That's exactly what I did back at the beginning of this decade. I had been training and competing in triathlon for a few years when I decided to make myself a goal.  My wife and I had always enjoyed travelling, but I had never thought about combining two of my most favourite things.

I set the goal to qualify for the ITU World Championships. In fact, I gave myself a goal to accomplish this within 5 years. I trained extremely hard, and won the National Championships in my age group.  Qualifying for the Age Group World Championships was one of the greatest accomplishments I have ever had.  It was an absolute amazing experience that are difficult to put into words.  

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