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About Me

Just like many kids growing up in rural Ontario, I was raised on sports – hockey, baseball, soccer, etc. For 15 years I searched for a sport that I truly enjoyed, and it wasn’t until high school that I found swimming, biking and running in my freshman year. When my cross country coach told me about this ridiculous event called a triathlon, it felt like a calling – incorporating the three sports that I randomly stumbled into seemed like more than a coincidence. That summer I competed in my first triathlon and I was hooked – I wasn’t very good, but I was definitely hooked. Over the years I slowly got better and better; learning a lot and making even more mistakes!


I love the lack of physiological limits and seeing how far I can push my body. The return is directly proportional to what you put in, and that’s what drives me every day. From being an Ironman to a member of Team Canada, had you told that lost 16-year old boy where I would be today, I would have called you absolutely crazy. Years on, I still have that burning passion for triathlon and the drive for development is what keeps me going every day. I can’t wait to see where this crazy journey brings me next.

2016 Race Results

Toronto Triathlon Festival (Olympic),  4th Overall/1st AG, Splits: Swim-22:11 Bike-1:00:02 Run-39:30, Total: 2:04:55

ITU World Championships (Olympic), 36th 

Don Mills Open XC, 22nd Overall

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