What is the purpose of a virtual club?

The T1 Triathlon Virtual clubs were created to help participants at upcoming events across the globe to train and prepare specifically for their most important race of the season. The virtual club provides an affordable alternative for athletes who want direction for a specific event, but do not require hiring a one-on-one coach.

What makes a T1 Triathlon Virtual Club different from any other triathlon club?

The T1 Triathlon Virtual Club is different in that members of the club are preparing for the same event from different locations in the world. Club members do not meet at in-person coached training sessions, but take part in a semi-personalized program preparing them for that specific event.

How is the virtual club program semi-personalized?

When an athlete joins our virtual clubs, they have a 15 minute phone call with our Head Coach. The coach analyzes the athlete’s current fitness level, racing history, health history, and goals, and then assigns the club member one of a dozen varying programs over the space of time leading to the event. These programs are all similar in nature, but specific to varying athlete needs. Athletes who require FULLY PERSONALIZED programs are encourage to hire a T1 Triathlon Coach for one-on-one online coaching.

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