Yume Calgary 70.3 Triathlon

My Story

I came to triathlon in a somewhat round-about way. I’ve always been active, spending time outdoors hiking and running. When I was young, we moved around a lot, living in China, Japan, Germany and the U.S. I dabbled in many organized activities (dance, soccer, track and field), but I never had the opportunity to hone my skills in one particular sport. When I started university in Vancouver I joined a master’s swim club and was hooked. I loved the focus and attention to detail that is required in swimming. When we got a new coach the club shifted its focus to accommodate triathletes. I joined a running group and, surrounded by some amazing triathletes I was inspired to try the sport.


Between 2011 and 2016 I honed my perspective of the world. I traveled, volunteered, and went to nursing school. I didn’t compete much, but I continued to run and swim with a great master’s swim club in Ontario. Now I work as a registered nurse in a small community hospital in rural Alberta. The past year was my first season racing in multiple triathlons and I loved it! I loved the time spent training and the excitement of racing. I love the physical and mental challenges that motivate me to improve and excel; and I hope I can help provide inspiration to thosearound me. I enjoy balancing my time as an athlete and as a nurse, both making me engage with my community and both bring great fulfillment.

2016 Season Results

Victoria 70.3 (13th AG) 5:18.20

Calgary 70.3 (6th AG) 5:08.15

Peace River Sprint Triathlon 1:10.13

Edmonton ITU Sprint Duathlon (6th OA/2nd AG) 1:11.38

Yume Calgary 70.3 Triathlon Cycling on Bike