4 Reasons to Shoot for a Spot on an Age Group World Championships Team


With the popularity of Age Group World Championships in various formats and distances, there are many new and challenging options for age groupers to aim towards. 

I've competed and coached at many Age Group World Championships over the passed several years, and there are always a number of things that bring me back to these amazing events.

Here are 4 reasons to shoot for a spot on your national Age Group team:


1.  Travel and See the World 

The world is such an amazing place and qualifying and racing at the World Championships are an amazing way to travel the world.  From South Africa to Hawaii, and Denmark to Australia, there are so many different and unique places this sport can take you.   


2.  Meet Amazing People

Along with seeing beautiful new places, you will make some amazing new friends.  From London, England to Penticton, Canada - I have made some amazing friends throughout my journeys to these events.  It is so easy to make friends with others who have the same passions and pursuits as yourself.  If you want to better yourself, surround yourself with inspiring and positive people.  Believe me, World Championships are filled with people who dream big and act bigger.


3.  Change up Your Goals

We've seen it countless times - goals are critically important to the triathlete's life.  But all too often we fall into creating the same kinds of goals year after year.  Switch things up and begin to expand your horizons on exciting new goals.  

Making the goal of qualifying for an Age Group World Championship slot is a great goal.  Not to mention a trip to a distant corner of the earth is a great reward for working hard and dedicating yourself to achieving that goal.


4. Experience the Amazing World Championship Atmosphere

There is nothing quite like witnessing and experiencing the inspiring and electric atmosphere that surrounds a World Championship event.  Everyone participating has undergone personal sacrifice and dedication to make it there.  The excitement of the event is unbelievably contagious!


Whether you have made the goal to make your first Age Group World Championship, or your 21st, the joy and accomplishment of working towards, qualifying for, and reaching the finish line at a World Championship event is worth every moment in the pain cave or second in the hurt locker.


The 2019 Age Group World Championships are in the following locations:

ITU Triathlon World Championships (Lausanne, Switzerland)

ITU Multisport World Championship Festival (Pontevedra, Spain)

Ironman 70.3 World Championships (Nice, France)


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