It's Better in Canada

With the ever-growing problems, controversy and contention throughout other parts of the world, Canada is looking like a better place than ever for triathletes to live and train.  There are so many reasons why you should ditch your current training location and move to the Great White North.


Timmies Pit-Stops

There is nothing like stopping during the middle of a long ride to get a break from the road and a cup of coffee.  However, in other countries across the globe, you'd be hard-pressed to find the perfect little coffee shop to kick your cycling shoes up and grab a perfectly fried donut.  You could spend days and days on the move, just hoping and praying that  around the bend would appear a glorious little bistro or diner.  

But in the wonderful land of snow and ice, that is hardly the issue.  There are Tim Horton's coffee stops nearly every 5 minutes on the highway, through the city, or wherever you plan to take your cycling journey.  Heck, I once saw a Tim Horton's across from another Tim Horton's (might not technically be true).  No need to pack your jersey with salty or sugary snacks!  Need to top up? Just make a pit-stop right around the bend at the next Timmies.  (Just be mindful of the snow and ice you'll have to plow through to get there).


All the Space You Want

Canada is the largest country in the world, isn't it? Oh right, the Russians!  Well, after them we have all the space you could ever want.  Tired of having to stop every few seconds for a traffic light?  

Kyle Jensen