Is There a Natural Hero Within Us All?


Knopf, 352pp. 2015

During the middle of World War II a band of "misfits" pulled off the most unlikely of kidnappings on the Greek island of Crete.  In the middle of the night, a Nazi General went vanished out of thin air. All that was left was the General's empty car, some chocolate candy wrappers, scattered cigarette butts, and an arrogant note.


McDougall takes this core story and expounds upon it with his own indulgence in parkour, urban-gathering, and paleo dieting.  Throughout the book, his own discoveries into human performance integrate nicely into a weaving of self-discovery and the story of a band of misfits on Crete.

Christopher's stories are almost a how-to book describing what he believes is the secret to mastering the human body and psyche.  McDougall ties these experiences very nicely with the central story on Crete, and fuses the legendary tales of Greek mythology, making it a fascinating read.

The thrilling kidnapping story draws the reader through the book, and brings the reader to ponder over their own story of physical empowerment.  This book left me excited to push my own physical limits and train the hero within.