Vacationing Without a Bike? Is that Even Possible?!

Going away on vacation and not able to spare the room to take the bike?  This is such a common concern that triathletes have, but use it as an opportunity - not a stumbling block.

Here are 4 tips that every travelling triathlete should use to get the most out of their training abroad.

Yume cycling in a triathlon


1. Give yourself a Swimming or Running Focus 

Triathlon is a wonderful sport in that there is much more to it than one sport or discipline.  If you are getting away and won't have the bike, take your much needed holiday time to get a swim or run focus in.  Breaking down your off season so that you have periods of time where you focus on the swim, or even the run can be very important.

If your swim was your limiting factor in your previous race season, you may want to take a 3-4 week period of time to really focus on your swim stoke and making as many gains as you can in that period of time. Schedule this swim phase during a time when you won't be able to use your bike.  This will maximize your training efficiency and make a way for you train through a bike-less trip.

Don't have access to a pool while you are away?  Change your focus to the run.

Canadian runner at Cross Triathlon World Championships


2. Rent a Bike When you Get There

Let's say you just can't take the time away from the saddle and  you just have to get some cycling-specific training while you are away. Try renting a road bike when you arrive.  There are many bike rental shops popping up in nearly every tourist-heavy location.  

Be careful though, as some vacation hot spots are more cyclist-friendly than others.  Find yourself in Hawaii or Mallorca though and you just can't pass up the opportunity to get on the road and explore your destination.


3. Take Some Well-Deserved Time Off

It's not always possible to continue to train during a family vacation. If this is the case, remember that some well-planned recovery time may be the best option.

Plan ahead and time your recovery week to coincide with your travel dates.  Endurance sport is all about efficiency.  The more efficient you can train AND recover, the more efficient you will be in your racing.  Get some light and easy running or hiking on your vacation, and you will feel well rested and ready to hit up the hard cycling efforts when you arrive back home.