3 Great Tips to Help You Train on Vacation

Triathletes love to train.  Taking time off from training is something we all dread.  We love having a structured routine.  We love waking up every morning having a workout to look forward to.  So how do you figure out a training routine while on vacation?


Be Flexible.   

It is ok to not have a set training schedule - going on vacation should be fun and not stressful.  Everyone deserves a break and should let their body recoup and recover.  It is ok to not complete a set amount of triathlon specific workouts.  Don’t beat yourself up.  You can maintain your fitness by becoming creative with how you incorporate activity into your vacation.


Vacation Activities 

Take the opportunity to try something new.  Vacationing near the mountains?  Go for a hike.  Not only will you be improving your muscular endurance, climbing is a killer strength workout.  Get in a good sweat while taking in the view and exploring new trails.  Vacationing near a lake?  Rent a canoe and paddle around.  Vacationing near the ocean?  Go scuba diving!  Take the time to research fun activities around the area that you normally can’t do at home.  

Hotel Gym

Staying at a hotel that has a gym?  Take advantage of this and get in a good sweat early in the morning.  If there is a treadmill you can get in a solid run.  If there are free weights you can get in a quick circuit.  Don’t want to use weights?  Do a body weight circuit.  Incorporate exercises that target your entire body.  Even better, focus on exercises that target your specific muscular imbalances.  Swimming requires strong shoulders, biking a strong core, and running a strong posterior chain.  

Bonus Tips!

Sometimes you need to get in a set amount of triathlon specific workouts if you are in a critical phase of your training year.  

Swim workout: Some hotels and resorts have a pool.  If this is unavailable, check to see if there are any close lakes, especially if its warm outside.  Take advantage of every opportunity you can get to open water swim.  


Bike workout: If it isn’t possible to travel with your bike, see if you can rent one from a local shop.  Not only can you get in a good workout, you can explore your surroundings.  Unable to rent a road bike?  Try renting a mountain bike and hitting the trails.  Mountain biking is great for increasing bike handling skills and leg strength. 


Run workout: Pack your runners and you are set!  Running is the most convenient form of exercise. You can do it at any time of the day,  virtually anywhere.  Explore the streets, paths, and trails.  Ask locals about the most scenic running routes.  

Most importantly - have fun!  Don’t be that person who ruins the trip for everyone by being consumed by fitting in a certain amount of workouts.  Enjoy yourself, and come home rejuvenated and ready to train hard.