4 Critical Things to Think About Before Racing

The racing season is nearly upon us. As you prepare physically for the racing season ahead, do not forget the psychological preparation and thought you need to put into your training as you prepare your mind for the activity ahead.


T1Triathlon High Performance Team Manager has 4 crucial things you should think about before even toeing the line.

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1)      Ask yourself, What am I doing this for?

It is easy to get caught up in all the hours of training before a big race. We spend days on end building ourselves; breaking down muscle tissue to strengthen the fibers anew. In the same function we might be breaking down our original perception of why we started on this path in the first place. This can be a positive experience in advancing our perceptions similar to improving our heart and body strength. Whether your resolve remains firm or transitions into something more important to you is individual to your circumstances and mentality. What is important is that you are able to recognize what it important to you and use it to achieve your amazing goals and feats.


2)      What do I hope to achieve?

Race day looms right around the corner. Imagine yourself on the starting line and consider all that you have done so far to be there. Then imagine your performance during the race, and finally crossing the finish line. What do you think it will feel like? Is there something specific you hope to achieve? How can you best position yourself to accomplish your achievement? Racing is special in that we are able to quantitatively view our performances and continually aim to go faster or father. What is important here is that we also consider the qualitative side of things. Achieving personal best times can feel amazing, and it is that amazing feeling of triumph, success and growth that we should truly be aiming to achieve.


3)      How can I use this experience to benefit others?

Ours is an individual sport with individual goals, yet it has a large community of likeminded athletes and a vast support community of family, friends and volunteers alike. Focusing on ourselves is crucial to obtaining peak physical condition. It can surely require a level of selfishness to fully achieve what we have set out to do. Most others in our community and support community recognize this and somewhat expect it. It is our duty then to give back to the best of our ability to these communities. In both growing ourselves and growing our communities we must personally consider how our achievements can become everyone’s achievement.


4)      Finally, What has been my opportunity cost?

Being honest with ourselves can be difficult at times. With all great feats, whether it is the best decision or not, there comes a tradeoff. Through all the hours we have spent training and preparing there have been things along the way that we had to give up. It is important to recognize what you have traded off for the opportunity to better yourself both mentally and physically. Recognizing what we have giving up keeps us in check and shines a light on what we consider to be most important to us; this allows us to remain balanced and true to ourselves.

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