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What is the Difference Between Long Course and Short Course Triathlon?

Many people considering completing a triathlon do not realize that the word “triathlon” is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of races.  They assume that in order to be a triathlete they have to complete a full ironman - quite the daunting task.  


Triathlon is a sport friendly for all ages and abilities - you just have to pick the right distance. 

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Performance is a Process

The task: answer two questions given to you by Coach Kyle.

Answering questions with basic, superficial, regurgitated run of the mill responses is easy. Delving deeper into oneself, truly breaking down a question and massaging out the knots is hard. But it results in a truer answer, one that comes directly from your inner being. Here goes.

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Meet Jason Klein, the Newest Member of the T1 High Performance Team

I grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a suburb outside of Philadelphia. During High School, I began running cross country and track. In school, I always strived to do my best, and I tried to translate the same approach to running. However, I found myself frequently injured, and despite good training sessions, never racing at the level I had hoped.

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6 Triathlete Travelling Hacks that Will Make or Break Your Next Trip

For first-time triathlon travellers, the thought of going across country or making a trip to another continent to train or race can be a very intimidating thing. There is so much to consider before making the journey.  From travelling with your bike to figuring out where to train, the potential logistical nightmares may seem like giant mountains.  Take a deep breath and don’t stress!  Here are 6 helpful tips to get you from A to B and back with as little hassle as possible.

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Don't Start Your Next Season's Training Until You Do These 4 Things!

In the northern hemisphere leaves are starting to fall, in some cases even snow, and the training is moving indoors. Some people are in off-season and enjoying some non-swim/bike/run-related activities , while others are slowly getting back into the groove of training and building that strength and stamina to get us through the rest of the year.

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A Life Without Limits; A Book Without Excitement

A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington was simply a book without much excitement.  Although intriguing and various points of the book, this journey through Chrissie Wellington's life takes most of the book to get going.  I was initially excited to get to the stories of this 4 time Ironman World Champion's  Kona accounts, but found myself dragging myself slowly through the first half of the book, bored by the stories of continuous career changes and travel logs.

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Canadian National Championships Race Report - Tyler Chuang, T1High Performance Team

This is what my training schedule had looked like leading up to the 2017 Canadian Standard Distance Championships. Visibly vacant and unfulfilled. There’s a lot of incomplete (red). There was no glitch in the system, nor did my Garmin stop working. On May 16th, I felt the first pull of tightness on my IT band during a cross country workout. I made it through the workout and thought nothing of it, keeping up with my regular volume and intensity. This was my second mistake. On May 19th, I was 10 km out on my long run when a sharp pain ran down my leg and caused me to default to a limp/hobble 10 km back to the starting point. I knew my IT band was damaged, but I had no idea how bad it would turn out to be. To make matters worse, when I got back to the starting point, the gym doors were locked, with my car keys inside. I proceeded to run another 4 km home on a bum leg. The next morning I couldn’t bend my leg without excruciating pain and could not walk at all. Clearly this was not good.

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