Gizmos and Gadgets a Plenty

With today’s ever-growing plethora of technological training and racing aids, it can sometimes create a bit of a headache when choosing what devices to use while training.  From GPS to Power Meters to non-electric swim aids, there are so many training helps out there.

To help you determine the most critical gadgets to train with the T1 High Performance Team gives their favourite technological devices to train and race with:


Eric Dokter (Calgary, AB)

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Power meter for sure. I got my first power meter last year and I've seen substantial growth in my cycling because of it. I love numbers and love seeing exactly what my body is pushing detailed in front of me. Sometimes this can be my undoing as I focus too hard on the numbers and get frustrated on days where the numbers aren't matching my effort level. But I have been trying new techniques to get out of that focus and just see it as a training tool. I always recommend power to any athlete trying to improve in cycling.


Yume (Peace River, AB)

Yume triathlon training open water swimming

The snorkel.

It takes a little bit of time getting used to breathing out of a tube, but once you get it down the snorkel can be a great tool to gain awareness of head and body position, and to work on technique.

I like to use a snorkel when I'm pulling. I find it gives me a very good feel for body           position and movement through the water; I can focus on rotating from the hips and      getting good hand entry and catch without worrying about breathing.


Tyler Chuang (Waterloo, AB)

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My favourite piece of technology to train with, like most athletes, is my GPS watch. I use the Garmin Forerunner 620 and I have it with me for almost every training session I do. It helps keep me honest and on pace for my daily goals.