Try These 6 Simple Things to Combat Business in Your Training

Overwhelmed with fitting in workouts into your already hectic schedule? Struggling to balance work, training and maintaining a social life?  Here are a couple tips to fit in your workouts and still have a life.



Get up early

The early bird gets the worm.  Get in your workout before you start the day.  Worried about hitting the snooze on your alarm clock and sleeping in?  Put your alarm in a different room so you have to get up.  Pack your bag the night before and have breakfast ready to eat so you have no excuses.


Go for a run during your lunch break if you have a busy schedule

Lunch break

Break up a long work day with a mid day workout.  If you aren’t close to a gym or pool go for a run outside.  Nothing beats some Vitamin D and fresh air to help get you feeling refreshed going into your second half of the day.


Skip junk mileage

Feeling overwhelmed by how much training you have to do? Skip the workouts that won’t actually benefit you.  Don’t over tire yourself with training that is going to leave you feeling sluggish for those race specific workouts. 


Keep it short and sweet

Short, high intensity workouts will make you faster and fitter.  Speed workouts don’t need to be hours long.  You can get in an extremely hard workout in under an hour that will have you PR ready.

Keep your triathlon training sessions short and fast for effective time-efficient sessions.



Feeling guilty about working out when you have work to do?  Multitask! Set up a stand near your bike so you can read while spinning.  You can also set up your notes on a treadmill.  Some teachers upload audio files of their notes.  Why not listen to them while working out?


Find a gym close to home.

Find the perfect gym or perfect area

Take the time to find a facility that has access to a pool, spin bikes, treadmill and weights.  If this is impossible, find a couple facilities that are close together and close to you.  The more convenient it is to get your workouts in the more likely you will complete them.