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What is the Secret to Staying Run Injury Free?

For many triathletes, the majority of their injuries are due to the running component.  What is the main cause of running injuries? Misadaptation.  Misadaptation can be broken down into three components.

1)      Mechanical stress caused by training errors.  Roughly 80% of all running injuries are due to running too much too soon. 

2)      Intrinsic factors which include biomechanics, muscle dysfunction, tissue weakness, stress and fatigue. 

3)      Extrinsic factors which include footwear, running surface and medications. 

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What is the Difference Between Long Course and Short Course Triathlon?

Many people considering completing a triathlon do not realize that the word “triathlon” is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of races.  They assume that in order to be a triathlete they have to complete a full ironman - quite the daunting task.  


Triathlon is a sport friendly for all ages and abilities - you just have to pick the right distance. 

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Are You Doing This to Get Over Your Season-End Blues?

The end of triathlon season.  The worst part of the year for a triathlete.  The time when the air starts to get crisp, darkness sets in before supper time, and the wind becomes frigid.  The time when the lakes begin to freeze over, the trails are covered in leaves, and snow begins to dust the highways.  The beginnings of the off season.  The end of structured, multi daily workouts and the start of way too much free time.  Every triathlete knows the struggle of not having a gruelling workout to look forward to during the day.  

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How to Completely Change Your Life through Triathlon

Since an early age I have been involved in endurance sport. I was the completely wacky and abnormal kid who at the age of 15 would get up at 5 am, grab my golf clubs, hop on my bike, ride to the golf course in a tiny town in Southern Alberta, and get a round of golf in before ANYONE showed up.  I’d then cycle all the way home, throw on the running shoes and go for a 10K run.  Upon returning I’d grab my board shorts, head to the pool, teach some swimming lessons and spend the afternoon honing my lifeguard skills (aka basking in the sun and working on developing skin cancer).  I really spent every minute trying to do as many things as I could.  I was doing slow-cycling races with my best middle school friend before I even knew it was an actual way of training for killer cycling skills.  You know the drill:  ride in a straight line from point A to point B as slowly as humanly possible. Much easier now as an adult, but BOY!  When you are an awkward 12 year old boy, riding your bike slowly is a recipe for some good comical viewing, BUT also the development of some SWEEEET cycling skills. 

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Three's the Magic Number

Lots of good things are related to the number three. Triple chocolate cookies, for example. Or the three wishes granted by a genie. And then, of course, there’s triathlon. The fact that triathlon involves three different disciplines is the reason I initially gave it a try. I was intrigued because it seemed like both a way to challenge myself and an opportunity to expand on one of my favorite activities (running). Now that I’ve completed several triathlons, I still find the multi-sport nature of this activity to be one of its most exciting aspects. Here’s why.

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Insight into Appropriate Running Shoe Selection

As we dive into the new year my academic supervisor has been slowly gathering a pile of kindling under me to get cracking on nailing down my thesis topic. I am an M.Sc candidate in kinesiology, specializing in biomechanics so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to assist in the knowledge acquisition of the sport science field as well as improve my own performances, if possible. My area of focus is osteoarthritis in the knee and I would like to conduct a thesis study pertaining to running or cycling. Funny enough, through my literature review, it appears that the leader in running gait kinematics (and to an extent cycling) is based out of the University of Calgary: Dr. Benno Nigg. Perhaps I will take a trip out to Calgary to collaborate in the near future!

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