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Meet Jason Klein, the Newest Member of the T1 High Performance Team

I grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a suburb outside of Philadelphia. During High School, I began running cross country and track. In school, I always strived to do my best, and I tried to translate the same approach to running. However, I found myself frequently injured, and despite good training sessions, never racing at the level I had hoped.

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ITU Cozumel World Championships: A Day in Hell

I don't even know where to start with this race. Saying it was hot just seems so underwhelming. It was super mega death man hot. There, that's a better explanation. The day started just like any other race - woke up, ate breakfast, shuttled to the race site, set up transition, waited till start. Except for one small detail; the waiting around for the race to start ended up being three hours of waiting in the scorching heat and humidity. Athletes were all piling in under any piece of shade they could find to stay out of the sun until their race start. It still baffles me that we had to wait that long, but with thousands of athletes going off at different times during the day, it was just very unfortunate that I was in one of the last groups to go off. The current was quite aggressive that day and some of the weaker swimmers were actually being pulled from the ocean with a time of over 45 minutes for 750 meters! Just wild. 

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