The Triathlete's Thanksgiving List

As we approach American Thanksgiving this week, there is so much for the triathlete to be thankful for. Here is T1 Athlete, Catherine’s, Thanksgiving gratitude list:


I am grateful for the body that triathlon has given me.  The longer workouts have given me a high amount of endurance whereas the shorter, interval workouts have developed my strength and speed.  This has not only enabled me to finish triathlons feeling strong and confident, but has effected my everyday life.  I am able to walk to school and climb stairs without getting winded.  Morning workouts get me out of bed and give me long lasting energy for the rest of the day.  I’m able to walk my dog and play fetch in the backyard until she passes out, not me.  My body has also been transformed physically - I have gained muscle and lost fat mass. I have a healthy BMI and good cholesterol levels.  I have decreased my risk of developing chronic diseases.  


No Limits

Triathlon has taught me how strong I am mentally.  Every year I make goals for myself.  Nothing feels better than setting a goal that at the time seemed extremely daunting or slightly unrealistic and then accomplishing it.  And when I am unable to meet a goal?  I am able to reflect and reevaluate myself and learn something.  I am able to work on myself and gain new motivation to work harder.  Sport is a rollercoaster of highs and lows - dealing with wins and loses in sport has helped me deal with wins and loses in everyday life.  

there are no limits in triathlon


I am grateful to compete in a sport that has so much variety.  I am able to swim, bike, run and strength train.  I get to swim in lakes when the sun is rising.  I get to ride on highways through the mountains.  I get to run amongst the trees.  I am constantly on the move, getting to explore different training sites and see different views.  Triathlon is not a boring sport.  

triathlon is variety: swim bike and run


Triathlon has enabled to me see cities I would have never thought to have visited.  I have gotten to race across the country and spend time seeing new places.  I have been able to visit local restaurants, explore mom and pop shops, and hike new trails.  I have raced in the ocean, the mountains, and prairies.  

Hong Kong on a triathlon trip

Tri Family 

I am grateful for all the people triathlon has brought into my life.  I have made friends and formed bonds that will last a lifetime.  I have gained a triathlon family.  I have amazing teammates who are able to understand and relate to a person who loves this crazy sport.  I have coaches who support me not only in my athletic endeavours but in my life goals.  I have coached children who’s excitement and eagerness to excel has strengthened my own want to succeed.  I have found a team of health professionals - sport doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists - who have taken care of me and aided me on my journey.  They have played a huge role in my decision to pursue a career in the health field, as I understand how much of a positive impact they can have on an athlete.  

Overall, triathlon has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to wake up everyday with the ability to train and see where it takes me next.