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A Life Without Limits; A Book Without Excitement

A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington was simply a book without much excitement.  Although intriguing and various points of the book, this journey through Chrissie Wellington's life takes most of the book to get going.  I was initially excited to get to the stories of this 4 time Ironman World Champion's  Kona accounts, but found myself dragging myself slowly through the first half of the book, bored by the stories of continuous career changes and travel logs.

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Adventures of a Modern Explorer


Viking, 304pp. 2015

Peter Shoalts is a modern explorer.  His ambitious personality and great story-telling draw the reader into the remote wilderness of the Great White North.  His intelligent and humorous writing style enhances this adventurous story and kept me intrigued from page to page.  From encounters with polar bears to his fight against the frigid cold, I felt like I was on this amazing journey with him.

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