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5 Quotes to Motivate You Through Your Triathlon Journey This Season

Triathlon is an inspiring sport. But sometimes, it can seem nearly impossible to break through the negativity and low-points to stay motivated.  The only thing more dangerous than a hard-working, talented triathlete is one who has the motivation to move mountains.

Here are 5 quotes to keep you going when you're struggling in your pain cave, sweating in the hurt locker, and devastated with despair:

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4 Essential Motivational Lessons

Triathlon is a physical and mental sport.  It takes a strong body and an equally strong mind to pull off elite performance.  Sometimes our mental focus can suffer during our day to day grind, and we may feel unmotivated to simply get through a simple training session.  I've always found that the wisdom of others has been a strength to me during moments of psychological weakness.

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